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Akaroa & The Bays PLUS..

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Akaroa, Banks Peninsula and the Bays - stunning!
Plus visit the land of cute - the award winning Shamarra Alpaca Working Farm Tour

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Your tour price includes a visit to the award winning Shamarra Working Alpaca Farm. Calm the soul - cuddle an alpaca. The super friendly and experienced farm staff will welcome you "To the land of cute!" Sure, seeing a bundle of attitude and adorable energy on a farm is a fun time, but at this farm, you actually get to touch and bond with these storybook creatures. Make friends for life with our award-winning alpacas. Situated on the jaw-dropping panorama of the Banks Peninsula, your squeals of delight as you cuddle one of their 170+ curious and cute critters will echo across the harbour. This is no ordinary trip to an alpaca farm. This is an interactive tour around the ultimate land of cute. A 'cuppa' or drink, a homemade farmbake cookie is included and you'll be able to buy alpaca clothing, only available on the farm. Beat that!! All this and more on this working farm tour of delight.


We'll head into French inspired Akaroa after the tour.

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Oh yes, visit the Farm Shop and browse the hundreds of genine alpaca garments made from the fleece shorn at the farm. 

Winners yet again.... Galactica and cuddly friends - 2022 New Zealand National Supreme title winners here with Anya Wilkington (R) who with her husband Frank, own Shamarra.

"Come on out, we'd love to see you"

What is so special about Banks Peninsula?
Originally an 'island' formed by two volcanic cones, the peninsula has two dominant craters which form Lyttelton and Akaroa Harbours. The peninsula was named for botanist Joseph Banks, who sailed with Captain James Cook on the Endeavour.
Banks Peninsula is one of New Zealand's most unique landforms. With endless hills, bays and hidden bush, this is Nature's Playground right on Christchurch's doorstep. Akaroa and its surrounds are steeped in Māori and settler history, adventures and unique experiences. 
Over several million years, eruptions and erosion in the volcanic complex carved the picturesque valleys, tumbling hills, verdant pastures and punctuating bays that we see today. You will love a visit.
Full Day Private Guided Tour:  From Christchurch or Lyttelton Port.
We'll collect you from your accommodation at 09:00 am and have you back at your accommodation by 5:00 pm the same day.
Cruise passengers: We'll meet you at Lyttelton Port at 09:00 and have you back at the Information Centre in time for the final shuttle. - promise
  • We'll take in the bays, there are over 30 of them as we head towards the french inspired gtown of Akaroa, Maori for 'Long River'.
  • Teddington is a very small community on Banks Peninsula at the head of Lyttelton Harbour / Whakaraupō. It sits on the junction of the road to Gebbies Pass and the road from  Purau to Christchurch.
  • It dates back to the early settlers of Christchurch but is now reduced to a pub and a restored working blacksmith's forge. The farms lap the road where sheep and horses frolic in the paddocks.


  • An earthquake near Chile on 23 May 1960 caused a tsunami which crossed the Pacific to hit New Zealand. The tsunami was funnelled up Lyttleton Harbour and flooded low-lying farmland and the Wheatsheaf Tavern in Teddington.  A similar event occurred in 2010 following an earthquake in Chile with three waves that were greater than two metres high inundating the head of the harbour around Teddington.

  • Gebbies Pass
  • Lake Forsyth - one of few lakes in the world that is only 3 ft deep
  • Lake Ellesmere - Te Waihora is a shallow, brackish coastal lake, Canterbury’s largest and New Zealand’s fifth largest, and an internationally important wildlife area.
  • Little River - A coaching stop on the route to Akaroa, and the terminus of a branch railway from 1886 until 1962, Little River developed as a sawmilling settlement, supplying timber to Christchurch. It is a quaint little town now depicting its history with the railway museum, provides a venue where the local craftspeople can to display and sell all manner of original nick nacks. You'll get a good coffee too!
  • Barry's Bay historic cheese factory. See the cheese being made* and sample a wide range cheeses made as cheese used to be made.   (*Mon to Friday 8 to 4 pm.)
  • Akaroa - The most French town in New Zealand, Akaroa will have you entranced with its historic buildings, magnificent harbour and passion for fine food. History, whaling, Maori land wars all in this little package of delight so interesting because only 800 people live in Akaaroa 
    • Add a visit to the local organic winery, Shamarra working Alpaca Farm or take a wildlife cruise. Just ask...and it can be done!
  • Christchurch, as time permits your guide will share with you areas of interest following the massive magnitude 7.1 and 6.3 earthquakes in 2010-11 respectively.
  • Delivered to your Port of Christchurch Accommodation.​
Tour inclusions:
  • Luxury air conditioned private travel with your own experienced local guide.
  • Informative commentary
  • Loads of photo opportunities recommended by your guide.
  • Complimentary snacks.
  • Complimentary bottled NZ Spring Water.
  • Flexibility - all tours can be customised unlike a rigid bus tour.
  • Picked up and returned to your accommodation or cruise ship.
    • The cruise ship tour is slightly shorter to make way for cruise departure times but generally follows the same itinerary.​
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